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Growth Hacking is the intersection of technology, product, marketing, editorial, data, automation, creative and sales. 

A growth hacker is an emerging career referring to a marketer who combines knowledge of traditional marketing techniques with a strong technical background. Growth hacking is generally associated with low cost, inbound marketing solutions. These solutions tend to be digitally-focused and quantitative in nature.

Growth hackers are a hybrid of marketer, analyst and coder, one who looks at the traditional question of “How do I get customers for my product?” and answers with A/B tests, landing pages, viral factor, email deliverability, Open Graph, marketing technology, automation, creativity and much more.  On top of this, they layer the discipline of direct marketing, with its emphasis on quantitative measurement, scenario modelling via spreadsheets, and a lot of database queries.

Growth Hacking could also be described as "Lean Marketing for Startups", and those startups are not limited to the traditional startup but can also be startups within large corporations!

Many "internet" companies like Facebook, Linkedin, Pinterest, AirBNB and more have used such tactics to grow their user base, and we all know how many users Facebook have now!

Real World Enterprise Level Fortune 500 Experience.

Our courses are designed from experience working on growth campaigns for Fortune 500 companies to Start-ups and Scale Ups. The growth hacking courses are packed with knowledge, insight and experience gained from working in multiple industries such as Retail / E-Commerce, Tech & SaaS, Telecoms, Healthcare & Wellbeing, Marketing & Advertising [Agencies & In-House], Hospitality and more.

Multiple geographies and multichannel growth campaign experience also underpin the lessons and courses. Every course is designed to help learn how to drive results, conversions and growth, configure growth hacking infrastructure / technology and analyse and optimise campaigns. 

Founder profile

Shared my knowledge and experience with 1000s of students.

Zohe Mustafa


  • Digital marketing strategy, growth machines, marketing automation, technology & product, creative, data, digital transformation. Saas, growth, teach, build, optimise, publish, broadcast, share, analyse, engage, convert
  • Talks about #marketing, #growthhacking, #digitalstrategy, #growthmarketing, and #marketingautomation. 
  • A "Growth Hacker"​ / "Marketing Technologist" i.e. a hybrid background of web / software development & sales & digital marketing.
  • I use marketing technology to deliver growth solutions to all stages of a marketing funnel. There are literally 1000s of marketing and growth technology vendors globally all offering SAAS for different tactics. I can help you choose the right tech stack.
  • 25 years in digital working with over 55 companies including Enterprise & Startups on client & service side. I am an "expert-generalist" having started in IT, moved into business & marketing, then consulting + sales/marketing
  • 18 years working in Retail [E-commerce, M-Commerce, In-Store]
  • 10 years working with Digital [Media] Services such as TV shopping, broadband, mobile, digital TV, mobile apps/content, music, games, maps, email, digital stamps, mobile 4G
  • An integrated digital, e-commerce, multichannel marketing & Online sales specialist with 20 years experience managing & implementing digital marketing programmes for blue chips & start-ups. An innovative & progressive approach to conception, development & execution of strategic marketing plans & product lifecycle
  • Blogger and Publisher of five content portals in genres of Lifestyle, Pop Culture, Growth Hacking / Digital Marketing, Environmental Activism & Autistic Spectrum Disorder.
  • Data & analytics driven experience of marketing, trading & operating in the global market on digital channels & working with big budgets & time-sensitive deadlines using cutting edge Digital tactics
  • Defined Digital marketing channels strategy, managed, launched, optimised & sustained 100s multichannel [360] digital branding, transactional & direct response campaigns
  • 24 years of digital marketing such as PPC, SEO, Affiliates, Data feeds, Display, Mobile, SMS, Email, Social media channels, Marketing Automation, A/B Testing & Viral marketing, & CRM to drive conversions, traffic & awareness
  • Serial Entrepreneur and experienced practioner of multiple No-Code solutions.
  • Worked on multiple Digital Transformation projects and campaigns.
  • Teacher and lecturer, course creator.


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